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Ben Fisher was born on the floor of Abbey Road’s famed Studio One.  His name comes from the ancient Arabic words "Behran Feeshire", which literally translates back to, "Heavenly Fingering". 

After tinkering on the drum-kit, and a short stint playing the longhorn in the Swiss Alps for chocolates and handshakes, he soon settled on the guitar.

Through live performance, recording sessions and co-writing songs, Ben has worked with a vast array of artists in various musical situations such as Blues, Country, Folk, Heavy Metal, Americana, Rock, Bluegrass, Rock n' Roll, Soul, Jazz, Christmas Songs, Euro Pop and a form of traditional Haitian Funk from the Outer Rim.

Gary Mears - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Bassist and Model Tony Martin was the final founding member of Frontrow and Abbey Rogues.  Tony is by far the most relaxed of The Rogues. It has been said that Tony's singing voice would be the love child of Sinatra and Garland, but so few have heard him, we will go with the majority.

Thank goodness he's a cracking bassist, talking of which, he has come the furthest having never played a bass guitar before making the transition from “Frontrow” to “Abbey Rogues”, but who would know, as he has taken to it like a duck to water.

Right ladies and gents, what can be said about Gary R. Mears?  Gary’s knowledge of music is second to none. Having worked as a DJ for over 20 years, Gary takes the responsibility of picking the new material, writing the set lists and talking to anyone that is willing to listen.

What most people don't know about Gary is that his middle name is "Ringo", which might explain his love for 60s Rock n Roll.

Gary is always the calming influence in the band and likes to intersperse any rehearsal with a quick blast of Greenday or Bon Jovi. Gary, like Jon was one of the original members of “Frontrow”.

Gary also heads up the successful Rogue DJ's.

Harry Mears - Lead Guitar, Drums & Sound Engineer

If you can ever understand him, Marc Wotherspoon would tell you that he is originally from Glasgow.  Rumour has it that he was kicked out of the Proclaimers for being "too Scottish".

Marc and his sponsors, "Irn Bru", were delighted to join Abbey Rogues in November 2010, as were they. 

Marc began playing drums aged 12 and after receiving a full scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston when he was 16.  Marc went on to receive his BA (hons) Jazz Studies from Leeds College of Music in 2001.

Stand Ins & Extras

Tony Martin - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Jon Jackson - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Luke Clarke - Lead Guitar & Bass Guitar

Founding member & Director of Abbey Rogues Limited, Jon thanks his parents for his diverse range of musical taste. From Streisand to Sabbath, Jon has loved them all. He started singing at a relatively young age and travelled Europe in his later teens. 

His involvement in bands started from a young age.  He formed “No Refund” with his old school friend Alex and was found performing at various pubs around Essex.  He later founded “Frontrow”, an all acoustic band with fellow Rogues, Gary and Tony.  Frontrow found great success playing up and down the country and even recorded a short demo album before adding “Abbey Rogues” to the list.

In his spare time, Jon enjoys nothing more than spending time with his sweetheart, Cass and his two lovely children

Marc Wotherspoon - Drums & Backing Vocals

John White - Drums

Rick Fitzpatrick - Drums

Ben Fisher - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

"Abbey Rogues was formed by five firm friends, whose love of music was the building block for the successful group that you see and hear today."

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